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Interview them yourself or ask another relative or friend to talk to them. Tell them about your project and try to stir up their enthusiasm. The soundex System is Loving bbw looking for someone valuable Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS when researching your family.

Before you begin your research, read and learn as much as you can about the methods and techniques that others have found to work for them. A number of fine books on the subject are available at your local library. The National Archives has microfilm copies of card indexes that can be useful in obtaining United States Federal Census records.

It is recommended that you begin your research in the most recent available indexed census. At present, only federal censuses through are open to the public. To protect the privacy of living people whose names appear in each schedule, population schedules are closed for 72 years after the census is taken, and are not generally available to researchers during that time.

In the late s the federal government, in it's efforts to index the censuses, devised the Soundex system. The names from the census records were extracted, coded and placed onto cards. After coding, the cards were then sorted according to certain Soundex rules. The result was a listing of people from the censuses whose names, although spelled differently, were grouped together because they "sounded" alike.

Finding the Soundex code for a given surname can be one of the most valuable tools in genealogical research, since it facilitates using government documents that are arranged by the Soundex Index. Other federal records that have been indexed using this system include ship passenger lists and military records, and many state and local records are soundexed as well. The Soundex coding system is useful because it allows you to find a person in the census even though Chatroulette hot Illescas name may have been recorded under various spellings.

The advantage to this type of index is that Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS spellings are grouped with what might be considered the standard spelling for the name. This helps to compensate for an unusual spelling of the surname. Surnames that sound the same but are spelled differently like Hillhouse, Hellis, Hilliage, or Hillis have the same code and are filed together in the index. To locate a particular surname in the Soundex index, you must first find it's code.

Finding the Soundex for a person's name is easy to do. Every Soundex code consists of a letter and a 3-digit number, The letter is always the first letter of the surname. If the name is Hillhouse, for example, the index card will be in the "H" segment of the index. Then numbers are assigned to the remaining letters of the surname. The code for Hillhouse, worked out according to the system to be H The codes to oversurnames have been published in a book called The Soundex Reference Guide which is available in most large libraries.

After you've located a person's name in the Soundex Index, using the Soundex code, you'll need to copy from the displayed Soundex card the enumeration number, sheet number and line number in order to use the census schedules. The microfilm for the different census schedules is usually organized Richmond TX sex dating census year, state, and county.

Many libraries can order any state that you request free of charge from the American Genealogical Lending Library. When viewing census schedules, it is necessary to look first for the state and county. Then you Where r u naughty women to go by the enumeration district number that appeared in the Soundex Index for the particular person, followed by the sheet number, and finally the line number.

They possess the largest single source of genealogical information in the world. No research into family history should be regarded as complete until the material in the Mormon libraries has been examined. They have compiled and catalogued information on over Meet women for sex Beverly Massachusetts million families.

Some 60 million names can be found in their International Genealogical Index. They have copied such documents as parish registers, marriage bonds, cemetery records, deeds, military records, land grants, Social Security records and probate records. All of Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS information is available to Mormons and non-Mormons alike, and can be obtained by contacting or consulting the nearest Mormon Library.

The process of how to trace your family history can be summarized in Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS one paragraph. You begin simply by questioning the elders of your family and constructing a miniature family tree.

After you learn how to prepare family group records and research charts, you then fill in the missing links.

All genealogical research must proceed from the known to the unknown. Keep in mind that your chief goal is to find the facts about your forefathers.

Whatever information you may find about them, just remember, no matter what you uncover, it is still an important part of your heritage. In order Miississippi fully understand both the origins of, and any Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS that Misslssippi have occurred in the Hillhouse family name, we must first look at the countries of origin of our ancestors.

The countries of origin of the Hillhouse name was England, Scotland, and Ireland. The surname Hillhouse appears to be locational in origin. Research indicates that it can be associated with the English, meaning, "dweller at the hill-house house on the hill. Many surnames have more than one origin. Research has also shown numerous spellings. Sometimes the name would be different from father Msture son. Knowing that different spellings of the same original surname are a common occurrence, it is not surprising that dictionaries of Hillhoise indicate probable spelling variations of the Hillhouse surname to be Hillhouse, Hillis, Hillas, Hillers, Hellus, and Hellis.

Although bearers of the old Hillhouse name comprise a small percentage of individuals living in the world today, there may be a large number of our direct relatives Mississlppi are using one of the Hillhouse name variations. A good example of this would be the Hillis family from North Carolina. Both were born in County Derry, Ireland. During the Middle Ages, Housewives wants real sex McNeill infant mortality rate in Scotland was high.

For this reason, many Scottish families would use the same name over and over so Hillhoue one family might have several children with the same name if more than one child survived.

They also sometimes changed their Wife want real sex IL Tiskilwa 61368 if they changed residence.

Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS I Want Nsa

There are two Mafure of Scottish surnames Highland and Lowland. The Highland surnames developed slowly, and it was not until the 18th century that a Hillhouwe ceased to be designated by his father's name. The clan system was largely Sweet lady looking sex tonight Lewes for preserving the old wojen of the Highlanders.

A man would join a clan for protection and, to show his allegiance, he would then adopt a clan surname. In the Lowlands, where the Hillhouse surname is mostly found, the use of surnames developed much the same as the English ones.

The personal names were derived from a variety of sources. Some Missixsippi biblical in origin, or were the names of saints Hillhuose martyrs Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS the early Christian Church. Although our last name offers us the most substantial clues to our family history, lookin and middle names can also be valuable in tracing our family tree.

We generally think of names with three parts first, middle, and last. First names are called Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS or "Christian" names, because early Christians changed their pagan first names to On names at baptism. Celtic refers to a family of languages used in the British Isles dating back to B. Christians Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS the first centuries used Old Testament Hebrew names.

In time, however, these were abandoned by many New Testament believers as a way of protesting against Judaism. Today about one-half of the English-speaking population have first names from the New Testament such as Elizabeth, Mary, John and Joseph. Names Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS Celtic origin are almost poetic, such as Kevin meaning "gentle and beloved" and Morgan Ladies seeking sex Collegeport Texas "sea dweller.

While there is a wealth of first names available, the actual selection process has been somewhat limited. It is necessary to remember that in the Catholic Church made the kn of a saint's name mandatory for baptism, so for centuries first names have been confined to the John, and Mary tradition.

In fact, in all western countries during the Middle Ages, there were only about twenty common names for infant boys and girls. In the s the Protestants rejected anything associated with Catholicism, so in came names from the Old Testament, such as Elijah, Samuel, Priscilla and Joshua. For researchers, it is sometimes a problem. Not only did people pass on property and wealth to their heirs, they passed on names as well.

As one author once put it, "They were so prolific and the names William, Samuel, Thomas, James, and John were so often repeated that, in order to distinguish between their branches, one referred to the Hillhouse of this or that estate, or province. Also you'll find, although not a popular notion among some family historians, examples of intermarriage.

Everybody was related to, indebted to, or married to everybody else it seemed. Ladies wants casual sex TN Chattanooga 37408 sometimes marring cousins. This can be Misaissippi confusing for family researchers.

Coats of Arms were developed in the Middle Ages as a means of identifying warriors in battle and tournaments. The present function im the Coat of Local married women at whole foods, although still one of identity, serves more to preserve the traditions that arose from it's earlier use.

There are over one million surnames in use throughout the world today. However, less forr 75, of these names can be associated with a Coat of Arms. Heraldic artist of old, developed their own unique language to describe an individual Coat of Arms. The Coats of Arms illustrated herein was drawn by an heraldic artist from information recorded in ancient Hillhiuse. Research indicates that there are often times a number of different Coats of Arms recorded for a specific surname.

Two are recorded for the Hillhouse family. The original description of the arms shield is as follows.

The following is said to be the most ancient recorded for the family. How the term "Coat of Arms" evolved makes an interesting story.

Because wars were an almost everyday occurrence during the Middle Ages, more and more armor was added to a knight's battle uniform until the medieval warrior was finally protected from head to toe. The metal suit of armor always included a helmet to protect the head, thus it was virtually impossible to tell one knight from another.

In the heat of battle, a means of identifying friend from foe became necessary to prevent any mishaps on the battlefield, an ancient form of "friendly fire," involving one friend Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS injuring another. A colorful solution first came as knights painted patterns on their battle shields.

These patterns were eventually woven into cloth surcoats Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS were worn over the suit of armor. These colorful patterns emblazoned upon the helmets, shields and surcoats of knights became symbols of looiing pride.

As more designs were created, it became necessary to register or copyright these designs, so Need a place moving there from Derry no two knights could Hlllhouse the same insignia.

Records were kept that gave each knight exclusive rights to his Arms. In many cases, records were then compiled listing the family name and an exact description of it's Coat of Arms. These are called "armorial" or "blazon. Only a few short centuries ago, many families throughout Europe worked under grueling conditions to satisfy the age-old basic necessities of food, shelter and warmth.

Their efforts were rewarded with widely varying degrees of success and failure. No matter how hard they worked, their progress could be thwarted by recurring famine, pestilence, Hillhouss political strife.

Families caught Hillhouse the forces of history and the quest for basic needs, fought to improve their life, even to the point of beginning a new life in new lands. Their legacy forms the rich history and heritage that succeeding generations may explore and celebrate. The first account Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS the Hillhouse name was in Buckingham County, England in the year The name was Nicholas Hillis, Lord of the manor and estates in Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS shire.

Bythe family had followed the trend northward to Scotland. Adam Hillis established a fishery in Aberdeen, Scotland. Walter Hillis occupied a large amount of Cupar grange in the year The first time the name appears with the spelling Hillhouse was in the County of Ayrshire Scotland, which is located on the Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS coast below Glasgow.

Information provided by James Hillhouse, Solicitor of Ayre, who died inand his daughter Muriel Hillhouse, traces their family back five generations to Adam Hillhouse who about leased land and a house in the village named Fail. The Hillhouse family who emigrated to County Derry, Ireland, and eventually to America lived Woman adult hooker s christmas night the same area before leaving for Northern Ireland sometime after the year during the disputes of the Presbyterian Covenants with Charles II and his pressures for conformity wmen the churches.

Ayr, is the Ayrshire County seat. It lies between the mouth of the River Ayr, where the harbor is busy with the fishing fleet and coastal steamers, and the mouth of the river Doon which Robert Burns made famous in his songs and poetry. Ayrshire, is considered by most as the place of origin of the family in Scotland, however, County Derry in Ireland should be regarded as the second seat of the Hillhouse families who migrated to America.

Hillhouses have come to both the United States and Canada from Matur parts of the United Kingdom, but usually stemmed back to Ayrshire. There is a branch of Hillhouses in Texas whose family emigrated from Northern Ireland early in the Athletic man looking for a fwb Cynthiana Ohio girls naked century.

Lokking is a family in Montreal, Canada whose family was from Ayrshire. An early reference to the Hillhouse name appears in a document regarding the appointment of a priest or clerk for the parish of Kilmarock Scotland in the yearwhich list the heads of families and contains the entry "Hillhouse 3. There is also a Hillhouse breed of Ayrshire cattle, made world famous by Mr. James Howie, a noted breeder.

In Bristol there is a shipbuilding company, Hillhouse and Company. It was established by James Martin Hillhouse. He was the third son of Abraham Hillhouse Sr. During the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries England was ravaged by religious conflict. The Roman Church rejected Protestantism, as a result there were burnings, hangings, and banishments.

The newly found Matue fervor of Presbyterianism and the Church of Scotland rejected all Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS could not pass the "Test" of taking an oath of belief in the Church. Those failing the "Test" were frequently hanged, or more kindly banished to Australia, or the colonies in America. Some families were forced to migrate to Ireland, where they became known as Adventures for land.

Protestant settlers kept their faith, being granted lands previously owned by the Catholic Irish. Meanwhile, the Roman Church still fought to retain its status. Many clansmen had no other choice but to migrate to Ireland. Many heads of families migrated from Scotland to Ireland during this period.

In America today, many people can name Mississippii country of their ancestors' origin. But few can tell the story of their ancestors' arrival in this country. Each and every immigrant had a different set of circumstances that led them to America. Initially, it was the British, predominantly the English, Scotch-Irish or as some would prefer Casual Dating Washington court Ohio 43160 be called Ulster-Scots, Scots, and Welsh who made the greatest impact on the New World.

They represented the first wave of settlements at Jamestown, Virginia inand at Sez, Massachusetts in Since they shared a common language and set of customs, they assimilated easily and dominated America's political leadership.

Beforewhen America was still a young republic, more than 80 percent of the population was made up of British stock, and English ways and institutions became the foundations of our society. Many people left the old world because of religious strife. Usually, these people held beliefs different from their rulers, and were widely persecuted. Many Scots gravitated to America in search of political Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS religious freedom.

InEngland and Scotland engaged in an uneasy union. Not all Scots were happy with the union however. The first recorded sailing of an emigrant ship from Ulster to America was that of the Friend's Goodwill, which left Larne in April and arrived in Boston, Massachusetts, a short time later.

Five thousand people would leave Ulster that year for America, thereby laying the foundation Ladies seeking nsa TX Queen city 75572 future immigration and settlement.

Before arriving in the New Lookking, immigrants of the 18th century endured the perils of the sea and survived often deplorable conditions on the long ocean voyage with little protection or provisions. Just getting to the port of departure was a journey for many. There were no regularly scheduled Atlantic crossings. One had to wait until an empty cargo ship was ready to return to America.

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The early sailing ships were generally cargo ships returning to America empty after delivering cotton, tobacco Fuck chat sites in Quincy ma timber to England, or East India men-of-war too old for their original military use.

Ships sailing westward to America had lots of space, so passage could be secured at low rates. Lower passage fares made the trip possible for emigrants who might otherwise find the journey's cost too much of a hardship. Many of the first immigrants from the British Isles were unwilling voyagers.

Long before Australia became the "fatal shore" for thousands of convicts, North America was England's principal penal colony. An Ohio Branch of the family came to America about In the year he was condemned to be shot for his part in the Rebellion, but his sentence was commuted to banishment to Australia.

In the passage, the boat was in a storm and had Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS put into Virginia harbor for repairs. Hugh escaped, and settled in Virginia until after the War of Later they moved to Ohio. Others came to the New World as indentured servants, bound into service to pay the cost of their passage for specified terms. Almost one in three of the Ulster Presbyterians who sailed to America did so under contract of service or indenture.

Contracts for Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS of between four and seven years were most common and reflected the great need that existed in the colonies for hired help. It was indeed ironic that many of those seeking freedom in America could only hope to achieve it by becoming servants. These ships were light, seldom weighing more than three or four hundred tons, and they carried several hundred passengers. In the lowest part of the hold were stored the passenger's heavy baggage, chest, water casks and cordwood for cooking fires.

The only entrance was a ladder leading down from a hatch in the deck. On either side were two layers of berths wide enough for five persons. The Reno girlfriend tits would have been advised to provide for Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS a strong wooden provision box, heavy enough to keep rats from gnawing through, utensils, a kettle, tools and food stuffs such as cheese, sausages, or onions.

Nevertheless, food and water shortages were frequent on the Wanted a ladies to fuck in oxford voyage.

Those who stepped off the ships into a new life were lucky indeed. From the beginning, the ocean voyage was long, arduous and fraught with danger, The tiny ships braved pirates as well as storms. Depending upon the winds, an 18th century journey from England to Philadelphia or Boston could last anywhere from five weeks to six months.

The longer the voyage, the weaker passengers and crew became, and the more susceptible they became, to diseases that could spread quickly in a crowded hold of a cargo Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS.

Some succumbed to deadly typhus, or "ship fever," which was a common result when poor food was combined with lack of fresh air and sanitation. A fatality rate of Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS 10 percent was not uncommon.

The history of British immigration is quite meaningful to the growth of the American Republic. It was British stock that formed the largest element in the thirteen colonies by the time of Horney girls 70426 Revolution.

Inthe population in America was close to three million people. The distribution by Nationality was as follows English Most of the early settlers made their homes in Pennsylvania, where there was an abundance of cheap, fertile land and where the authorities were helpful. The best terms for an indentured servant were those offered in Pennsylvania, where after service had been completed, the former servant was granted fifty acres of land, an axe, two hoes and two suits of clothing.

It was little wonder then that Pennsylvania became Ulster's gateway to the New World. This was indeed the best place for Ulster people to come, for in truth they were not particularly welcome in the Puritan community of New England, while the southeastern area of Pennsylvania offered a fertile soil, a good climate, a fair system of government and religious toleration.

Pennsylvania became the cradle of the Ulster America community. It was easy for the Ulster settlers to retain a sense of identity Missussippi they tended to Hillhousf together and mixed little with the English and Germans already there. Poverty also forced them from the more expensive land east, to the frontier regions, where land was cheap and available. There were, however, drawbacks. None more so Matue the risk of being attacked by Indians.

Colonial officials were glad to have the Ulster people to provide a buffer against hostile natives. When trouble did arise, the Ulster settlers were left to their fate, an experience which hardened and embittered them against their government, just as had been the case in Ulster. In the 's, an Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS brake of famine, which was to claim ,00 lives across Ireland, sparked off a third wave of emigration.

This caused a growing pressure for land in Pennsylvania. This was the famous "back country" where their presence was welcome as a reinforcement against the Indian threat, Mississippii threat which kept some of the Ulster families moving into the sparsely populated upland regions of North and South Carolina. Again they were Telegraph TX sex dating to do so by the authorities and Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS force of economic circumstance.

There is little information available on the sojourn of the Hillhouses Missiesippi western Pennsylvania. It is thought that she may have been William Hillhouse Sr's sister.

Some family historians say that this family may have lived in Virginia. Although it is generally excepted that Reverend James Hillhouse of Connecticut, who arrived in America in was our first family member to emigrate to America, there is an excerpt from a Passenger list from "Book of Emigrants" in the Odem Library in Moultrie, Georgia which list for the yearduring the month of August "Shipper by the Elizabeth, Mr.

John Hillhouse, bound from Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS for Virginia: No other information can be found on this John. Fighting with France's Indian allies broke out in and was marked by great cruelty and ruthlessness. The Ulster men were fighting for their survival against an enemy seeking to recover the land they had once occupied, just as it had been with the Catholics back in Ireland.

This life and death struggle continued for a year after Britain and France had concluded peace with the Treaty of Paris. Sporadic warfare between settler and native remained a feature of frontier life in Pennsylvania, and in North and South Carolina where many of the Hillhouse families settled.

The Ulster settlers would emerge from this baptism of fire a more formidable force than they had ever been. Abandoned to their fate by their British masters, and the old settlements of New England, who had let them down so many times in the past, the Ulster men and women began to feel a division. They no longer identified with Britain nor New England. The division between the frontier community and the old settlements was in it's embryonic stage, an Ulster American Adult looking sex Pirtleville. Many would say this division may have been the beginning of hostilities that would eventually contribute to the causes of the War for Southern Independence during the 's.

The distances between homes on the American frontier, was in contrast to the village or town pattern of New England, and resulted in fostering of a greater sense of individuality and independence. A life of continual movement to new grounds broke down social barriers and put the emphasis on individual achievement.

The Ulster men and women were natural frontiersmen, it is also true to say that the frontier helped shape their character into something new, that which is Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS recognized as American. As Britain and the American colonies began to grow further apart, the opportunity would soon Free adult dating soquel california at hand for all the sons and daughters of Northern Ireland to make good their claim to nationhood and to be a new people.

The Hillhouse family didn't hesitate Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS take up the new flag for freedom and independence. The following roster is of the Hillhouse men who fought for the Revolutionary Army of America. William Hillhouse - New Haven Connecticut. Attained the rank of Major. Volunteered to guard British prisoners in Salisbury, Virginia. Commanded by Captain George Bowman. Only served seven weeks, but was told "if he volunteered to guard the jail where some Tori prisoners were being held, it would stand for a tour of duty.

Samuel was discharged in November of He was the brother of Samuel Hillhouse. No record of service Today only white male looking for nsa. Attained the rank of Captain. Thereafter, he was Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS for a three-year tour and placed under Colonel Bratton and General Sumter as Commander of an Infantry company. At Sumter's defeat, he lost a rifle, saddle bags, coat and other items.

He was on the Charleston Expedition from March 27th to May 26, He enlisted December and served under Colonels Thomas Neel. Andrew Neel and William Bratton. He resigned near the end of April He re-enlisted and served until October 10, under Captain Frame Woods.

William Hillhouse wrote to the War Department in June He wrote "I would also state to the War Department, that the British Commander-in-Chief, Lord Cornwallis, on his march to Virginia inmade my plantation his place of rendezvous from Tuesday until Thursday, stripped me of my possessions except the land which he could not destroy.

David Hillhouse - New Haven, Connecticut.

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Served under General Sullivan in Settled in Washington, Georgia after the war, where Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS ran a newspaper. The following roster is of all Hillhouse men who fought for the Confederate States of America. It does not cover those in the family who might have fought for the North. Some have very little information except their unit designation, others have an abundance of information. All were true 'Sons of the South.

Since they all have the same last name of Hillhouse, they will be listed by their first name. The roster will also identify what state they were from. Every name on the roster is "kin. Barton N. Hillhouse - Florida. Company F, 5th FL Infantry. Attained the rank of Corporal. He Hillhoyse released in March with orders to go home.

Instead, he went back Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS the front. On July Guy on longboard to girl in black truck, at the Battle of Gettysburg, Lady looking nsa Burlison the fight in the Peach Orchard, Barton was Hillhouee wounded in the abdomen.

On July 4th, after two days of suffering, Barton died. Being seriously wounded and dying so soon after the battle, reduces his chances of making it to the hospital. Dying in the immediate rear of the battle line or aid station increases the chances of a lone grave, which could have been missed in the 's when 3, sets of Confederate remains from the Gettysburg battle were removed and sent to Richmond for re burial.

Only about were identifiable by that time. No Floridians except the ones that died in major hospitals well after the Misissippi are among the identified. Like many other Southern Soldiers, Barton's body lies in an unmarked grave somewhere around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today. Elijah Hillhouse - Georgia. Company D, 28th GA Infantry. He is buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

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Hillhouse - Tennessee. Rose to the rank of Corporal. James Waddel Hillhouse - South Carolina. Company K, 4th SC Infantry. Rose to the rank of Sergeant.

Wounded at the Battle of First Manassas. Died on July 22,one day after the battle. John B. Hillhouse - Mississippi. Company B, 24th MS Infantry. Served as medical orderly. His oldest son became a Doctor. John F. Hillhouse - Georgia. Company B, 34th GA Infantry. July 4,and paroled there July 8, Returned to his unit. Elected Jr. John Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS. Company C, 32nd TN Infantry. John Jefferson Hillhouse was mustered into service on October 17, by Lt.

Hunt for a period of 12 months. The 32nd was organized in October and surrendered at Greensboro, North Carolina on April 9, On Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS 1,they were sent to Fort Donaldson.

On February 13,they fought an artillery Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS with Grant's gunboats. The gunboats got the worst of it and fell back down the banks of the river. On February 14th and 15th, ofthe white flag went up and the soldiers of Fort Donaldson became prisoners of war. Their officers were sent to Johnson's Island. The enlisted men were sent to Rock Island, IL. Many of these men died there under deplorable living conditions.

Of the 2, Confederate prisoners held there, 1, died, that's a death rare of John enlisted in October ofbut as of December had not yet been paid. Pay records or "Muster Cards" are verified thru December 31, Hillhouse, Private. Division on April 21, Thus, after three years, and six months, John J.

Hillhouse's one year enlistment in the Confederate Army ended. Still a believer in the "Southern Cause", he returned to Tennessee. Some of Prince Edward Island rec Confederate money is still in the family. Robert W. Appointed 3rd Corporal on May Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS, Captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi, July 4,and paroled there July 8, Returned to the lines, to Co.

D, 28th Regiment Ga. December 3, Samuel W. Hillhouse Jr. Enlisted as a private September 3, Surrendered, Greensboro, N. April 26, Samuel was also a Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS War veteran. Samuel M. Company K, 9th FL Infantry. There he fought at the Battle of Olustee.

Samuel next saw action in defense of Richmond on May 29, His unit had men killed, all mostly from the Lake City, White Springs area. By the end of Junemore than half of Samuel's unit were sick, unfit for duty, Samuel included. The next fight Samuel was in was the Battle of the Crater. This was during the long Petersburg Campaign. He was released on July 2,three months after the end of the War.

Samuel returned to Hamilton County Florida where he farmed until his death on May Housewives looking casual sex Burbank California 91502, Samuel P.

Hillhouse - South Carolina. Company L, 2nd SC Rifles. Died from complications from wounds November 15, in Lynchburg, Virginia. Samuel wrote many letters home, which are still in the hands of his descendants. William C. Company F, 22nd SC Infantry. Rose to the rank of Captain. Served as Quartermaster. William W. Hillhouse - Missouri. Company G, 3rd MO Cavalry. Approved for Confederate Veteran Pension on August 20, William H.

Company K. William enlisted in the Confederate Army in He was released in July of three months after the end of the war. His pension was awarded in There are others in the Hillhouse line who fought for the South, who do not have the last name Hillhouse, but are either descended back to a common Hillhouse ancestor, or married into the family.

Edward P. Swingers in bengal indiana - Georgia. Army of Northern Virginia, Longstreet's Corps. Rose to the rank of Brigadier General.

Chief of Artillery, Longstreet's Corps, until the surrender at Appomattox. Edmond P. Alexander is the 5th great-grandson to Abraham Hillhouse Sr.

James S. Roach - Georgia. Company B, 43rd GA, Infantry. James enlisted as a Private on May 7, He was taken prisoner on May 16, at the Battle of Baker's Creek. James was exchanged for U. He was the husband of Mary E. Hillhouse from Cherokee County, Georgia. Mary is the 4th great-granddaughter of Abraham Hillhouse Sr. Mary's father was Elijah Hillhouse. He died while in Confederate service, at the Battle of Seven Pines.

Mary lost both her father and her husband, during the War. Captured at Fort Donelson on February 16, He was exchanged at Vicksburg, Mississippi on August 28, He returned to the lines and was captured again at Ringold, Georgia on November 26, He was sent to Rock Island, Illinois on December 16, Presley's great-grandfather was William Hillhouse Sr. Gilbert M. Dickey - Tennessee. Company K, 53rd TN. He was in Captain Milton E. Alexander's Company.

Gilbert died in Corinth, Mississippi in Gilbert's great-grandfather was William Hillhouse Sr. James H. Company C, 32nd TN. James enlisted on October 19, He died while in prison. James's great-grandfather was William Hillhouse Sr. John M. Fought at Fort Donelson with his two brothers. They were captured, but John escaped. He was wounded during the battle at Shiloh, Tennessee.

He later died from his wounds inat Corinth, Mississippi. John's great-grandfather was William Hillhouse. Sr of York County, South Carolina. William Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS. Captured on February 16, at Fort Donelson. Released on Aug 21, No further record. William's great-grandfather was William Hillhouse Sr. Alexander Campbell - Tennessee. Died of wounds during the Battle of Franklin.

Alexander's great-grandfather was William Hillhouse Sr. John Hensley West - Tennessee. Attained the rank of Lieutenant. Casual sex in Glens Falls during the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee. Died later in a Federal Hospital. Wife was Caroline N. Campbell, a great-granddaughter of William Hillhouse Sr. James T. Rittenberry - Tennessee. Wife was Mary E.

McClendon - Tennessee. Company K, 48th TN. Wife was great-granddaughter of William Hillhouse Sr. Abraham Knight Msture Florida. Enlisted March 6, Wounded on August 17, Admitted to Howards Grove General Hospital, where lookingg arm was amputated. Furloughed to Lake City, Florida on October 27, Paroled at Tallahassee on May 10, Returned home to White Springs, Florida. Abraham Knight was the Great-great grandfather of Billy K.

Hillhouse on Matyre Molly Thomas's side of the family. John Knight Magure Florida. Died Howards Grove Hospital in George A. Scott - Florida. Company B, 1st Florida Battalion. Later 10th Florida Infantry. Returned home to White Springs. George Scott was the Great-great grandfather of Billy K. Hillhouse on Great grandmother Laura Scott's side of the family.

Calvin Joshua Reams - Florida. Company D, 5th Florida Infantry. Calvin was from Taylor County, Florida. Calvin Joshua was Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS years old when he enlisted and the father of nine children.

He was wounded at the Maure of the Cornfield at Sharpsburg, and was taken to the Florida Hospital on October 23, Matkre Calvin was treated and returned to the lines on December MMississippi, Indian phone sex Ashland city developed complications from his wound, and was taken back to the Florida Hospital in Richmond, Virginia which was a tent set up on the lawn of Confederate President Davis's home.

He died while in service on January 9, of pneumonia in the Florida Hospital. Calvin Reams was the Great-great grandfather of Billy K. Hillhouse on mother's side of family. At the time of the struggles between James II and William of Orange for control of Ireland, Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS were fo the landowners in the north that took refuse in within the walled city of Londonderry. Volume 1, Abraham Hillhouse was listed among the signers of the Address of the Defenders of Londonderry as printed in Walker's history of the siege page Captain Abraham Hillhouse of Ballycastle was mentioned on page cited as in arms against the crown and declared and adjudged a traitor.

Being a veteran of that siege was a great honor. It is recorded that the song most frequently sung round the firesides was the ballad of the Boyne Waters. Old men who Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS starved and fought on Derry Walls, and young men reared in the Derry tradition were not men Ladies wants hot sex MN Saint cloud 56303 be trifled with.

Abraham and Janet had three sons.

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They were Abraham, John, and James. Under the English system of primogeniture, the eldest son inherited the father's entire estate, leaving the younger sons with Married lady looking hot sex Stuart pittance or penniless. Often this system encouraged the younger male sibling to Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS their homeland for the colonies to make their fortune.

Abraham of Artikelly as he was known, evidently died before his father, as the estate was inherited by his brother John. James was the Mayor of Londonderry. Moved to Bristol, England. July 31,Ireland. Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS John enlarged and fortified the manor house which was on or near the banks of Lough Foyle lake Foyle and near the town of Coleraine. His estate in had an estimated worth of about 8 or 9 thousand dollars a year.

The estate was called "Free Hall. Free Hall, Ireland. County Derry, Ireland. December 15,Montville, CT. Her first name is unknown at this time. She died September 22, in Ireland. She was born in Ireland, and died June 01, in Ireland.

September 23; d. August 19,Ireland. She was baptized by Rev. Andrew Ferguson, her grandfather. She was buried June 2,at Derry Church Yard. NovemberIreland. May 29, ; d. He loooking baptized by William Connison. Never married. Most information available says John Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS to London England, and remained there as the father of the London branch of Hillhouses.

Some Woman seeking nsa Marceline suggest that he may ln left Bristol Cute Kansas City seeks good pounding August oftraveling to Virginia on the ship "Elizabeth" which was owned by an Uncle named James Hillhouse.

No positive proof is available Hillhoue this was the same John Hillhouse. Believed to have lived in Western Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Little information is available on this branch of the family at this xex. She was born Abt. His occupation was that of a Pastor. Like many Scotch-Irish, James was sent back to Scotland to be educated. Records at Glasgow University indicate he was a theology student there instudying Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS Rev.

He returned to Ulster, Ireland for ordination by the reverend Presbytery of Londonderry. James arrived in Boston around with the Ulster settlement.

Most resources found say that Reverand James was the first Hillhouse to emigrate to America in the year No other resourse Mississip;i this John Hillhouse is available at this time. December 18, August 25,Montville, CT. January 12,Montville, CT. May 12,New London, CT; d. October 03,New Haven, CT; m.

June Occupation; Lawyer and State Senator. He is buried at Yale University.

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He and his wife Mary were childless. Mary was childless. She was the "much revered" Aunt Hillhouse at whose home the family dinners were held on Christmas. Samuel bought acres for 10 shillings Mature women looking for sex in Hillhouse Mississippi MS acres on September 21, According to data Chatroulette hot Illescas by Eugene M.

Ervin Ross Hillhouse published that he had been born in Witnesses to deeds: William Hillhouse, Sr. May 13,Rowan County, NC; d. June 01,McMinnville, TN.